Find designs to cut on your CNC router. We've gathered a list of online libraries of CNC wood cutting files, some of which host free models.

If you’ve just built or bought your own CNC router, you’ll want to dive right into cutting wood at micrometer precision and getting some projects under your belt. Lucky for you, we’ve created a list of the top 10 sites to find CNC wood cutting designs, including some that are free!

Most CNC routers use G-code to cut wood. G-code for CNC machines is similar to but different from G-code for a 3D printer. In any case, you can slice G-code from a variety of files.

Because they’re the most common, we’ll mostly be considering sites offering DXF and SVG files that are ready for slicing. All of these sites include host files ideal for wood cutting or engraving on a CNC machine as well as other files that are good for 3D printing and metal cutting. is one of the top CNC file libraries. Files are sorted by file type or application, which makes it extremely easy to filter only woodworking plans and DXF files. The website is very easy to use and hosts fantastic designs.

PlasmaSpider is a forum dedicated to CNC plasma cutting, which can be easily translated to woodcutting. The forum has an individual board for sharing DXF files for CNC cutting. It’s totally free and constantly being updated.

Currently, there are over 8,000 threads on the board, almost all of which feature numerous DXF files. You can also request files and a lot of them are of extremely high quality.

DXF1 is one of the best CNC file libraries on the internet. Every file is free to download and use, all files come as a DXF (hence the domain name), and most come in a variety of other file types, many of which can be sliced. The website is no-frills, but it’s easy to use and requires no signup.

The files are often simple vector images or patterns converted to DXF file format, which are ideal for engravings.

Over 500 DXF files and thousands of files tagged with “CNC”, GrabCAD is ideal for designers and engineers with CAD skills that would like to customize raw CAD files and produce their own DXF files. There are over 700 free files tagged with “DXF” and most are of extremely high quality.

The website is very professional and easy to use, but you do have to sort through many designs to find what you specifically want.

Many of you will have come across Etsy before. Widely known as the go-to place for handmade, unique or bespoke items, Etsy also features a wide variety of designs for sale. Unfortunately, there are no free DXF files for CNC wood cutting, but you can find a range of wood cutting designs for an affordable price.

Generally, you’ll find simple vector art rather than patterns or three-dimensional designs, but there is a staggering number of designs available.

The classic website for any 3D printing STLs and more. Thingiverse features over 3,000 STLs tagged with “CNC” and 2,700 Things tagged with “DXF”. The website is extremely easy to use and allows users to create an account, save designs, add designs to collections, and upload their own. Best of all: Thingiverse is entirely free.

By searching for certain tags, such as “CNC” or “DXF”, you’ll find very interesting wood designs and complete projects. Thingiverse hosts some of the most interesting CNC wood designs we’ve found.

Instructables is one of the largest websites for inventors, makers and tinkerers alike. The website serves as one giant digital makerspace, with projects ranging from 3D printing, electronics, mechanical, carpentry, and more. And it doesn’t disappoint with a large range of CNC wood projects.

You’ll find not only DXF files to load into your CNC machine, but also instructions on assembly, post-processing, and design notes.

It’s hard to say how many files are hosted on Instructables, as the CNC wood cutting designs are difficult to separate from other projects, but there are a lot.

If you want a large number of premium DXF files that are ready to be used in your CNC straight away, then Ready 2 Cut is just the ticket.

They mainly host greeting-card-style designs and fonts. Only a handful of the designs are free, but many are available for under $5.

LoveSVG hosts hundreds of SVG and DXF files. Files are distributed in bundles, some of which are free, but most cost a small fee – usually at around $6. All of the designs on the website are available to be used commercially. Unfortunately, the website can be a bit slow to load when compared with others in this article.

One of the smaller sites, hosts both 2D patterns and 3D wood cutting designs. Many of the projects are extremely beautiful and of unrivaled quality.

Unfortunately, the premium models come with a small price tag. To use the website, you’ll have to create an account, which entitles you to 3 free downloads per month. Premium models cost approximately $1-5.

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