From Shiba Inu ceramics to fluffy, pup-inspired marshmallows, it’s no surprise that this adorable breed has inspired countless products. Shiba Inus are native to Japan, but their sweet nature and stylish looks have captured the hearts of many animal lovers around the world. If you’re a Shiba fan, you’ll probably want to take a sip from these super-cute Shiba Inu drinking glasses.

Japanese drinkware manufacturer Goodglas Japan first released their collection of pooch-inspired glasses last year, but they were missing an important feature that all Shibas should have—a patterned neck scarf. Made with heat-resistant glass, the updated versions still feature the original double-wall design, giving them a standard semi-spherical glass shape along their outside edge, while the interior of the cup is shaped like an adorable Shiba head with a mischievous grin.

Cartoon Shaped Porcelain Mug

While the original versions feature cute collars with a bone, the new versions feature snazzy neck scarves. The red-scarfed Shiba glass is clear, allowing you to decide the color of the “coat” with your beverage of choice. However, the green-scarfed cup is tinted yellow, paying homage to the classic golden-hued Shiba.

You can buy both versions of the Shiba Inu drink glasses on the Goodglas Japan website for 3,200 yen (US$30) each.

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